Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring Break

Katie's spring break was this week, and Jeremy and I took Monday off of work to spend the day with her. We headed over to Tulsa and were planning on spending the day at the zoo. But the weather didn't cooperate at all. It was so cloudy and windy that Jeremy thought I would be competely miserable being outside in the "cold". So, we headed to the aquarium instead, and I still froze to death. Four hours in a building.....freezing.....I was pretty miserable. We had a lot of fun there even though it took me a good couple of hours to thaw out once we got back in the car. Poor Jeremy and Katie were practically breaking out in a sweat I had the heater cranked up so high. Katie had fun feeding the turtles carrots.
Katie and a huge alligator garr.

Katie checking out the otters and the beavers. It stunk pretty bad, and she held her nose the entire time we were in there.

Wednesday, Jeremy left for Denver to go to some meetings. Katie and I seriously thought about going with him but didn't want to be stuck in a hotel all day long by ourselves, so we headed down to southern Arkansas to visit my grandparents for a couple of days. While we enjoyed the beautiful sunny weather, Jeremy was stuck in Denver in a huge snow storm. I'm kind of sad we didn't go with him because at least Katie could have built a snowman. Instead, she played in the flower beds and the chicken coop. Katie and I are both ready for Jeremy to come home. He should be home tomorrow, weather permitting.

She's her father's child. What more can I say.

Katie was a little nervous gathering the chicken eggs. She never took her eyes off the chickens.

Katie and great-mamaw.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Katie turns 6!!!!!

It's hard to believe our little girl is 6 years old today. My how the time has flown by. As I was driving to the gym this morning I was thinking about how our lives changed 6 years ago when she was born. She has brought so much joy into our lives. I love being her mother and know that I am a better person because of her. I am so proud of her and all that she has accomplished in the little time that she's been with us. I know God is going to use her to do great and mighty things. Katie, keep on loving Jesus with all your heart and know that your dad and I love you and believe in you.
Birthday Girl
Jeremy bought this Indiana Jones game for her. I think he may have bought it more for himself than he did for her though.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Katie's Birthday Party

Katie turns 6 next week and we had her birthday party at our house today. We had 9 little girls over for the High School Musical festivities. Who knew how loud little girls could be??? Who knew how excited they could get over the littlest thing? And when one of them starts squealing they all join in. The sheer volume they create will drive you to the medicine cabinet for some ibuprofen. At one point during the party Jeremy looked at me and said, "Girls are so weird." I was like what are you talking about. He said, "Look at them. These five are playing "High School Musical Sing It", and those five over there are just sitting around and doing nothing but talking." I guess he thought it odd that they weren't doing anything. Katie had a blast though and that's all that matters. Here are some pictures from the festivities.
We played pin the tiara on Sharpay at the party, which was a hit by the way. I told Jeremy that Katie resembles Fival from "An American Tail" in this picture. She's too cute.

Here are all 10 little girls.

Jeremy took the girls on a scavenger hunt at the party. Here are some of the girls reaction after Jeremy read them their next clue....."Go to where there is lots of water. The clue is hidden in a very dark place. Be sure you don't wake the bear." The girls reactions were prescious. Katie is in shock knowing the clue is in the cave. Avery looks very stoic, and poor Hannah looks absolutely terrified of finding a bear asleep in the cave.

Jeremy leading the girls to the cave.

Before every clue Jeremy had the girls say, "Mr. Jeremy is super cool and super awesome." By the time he was on the third or fourth clue they began yelling without any prompting from him.

The girls finally found the treasure. Jeremy had rigged up a fake snake in the treasure box to pop out when they lifted the lid. He didn't quite get the reaction he was hoping for.

The girls singing "We're All In This Together" at the top of their lungs.
I think they all had a blast. We're exhausted but it was a fabulous party.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

23 Down

Yes, I know I'm crazy but I did it this morning. 23 mile run with wind gusts of 20 mph. I absolutely HATE running when there are wind gusts. There is nothing like running on one side of the road and being pushed to the other side of the road because the wind is so strong. And you are absolutely exhausted after the run. It's like you are at war with the wind the entire time you are running. It takes so much more energy out of you when you are having to fight against the wind. I HATE it!!!!! But at least the wind was warm this morning. I have run in 20 degree weather with wind of gusts of 20 mph---not fun!!!!

I have three more weekends after this weekend before race weekend. I just pray my knees and my hips hold up until I've run this marathon. I'm so close to accomplishing this goal of my mine that I don't want anything to stand in my way of running the race.

Hogeye here I come!!!!