Monday, October 26, 2009

Florida Trip

We took a quick family vacation a couple of weeks ago to Destin, Florida. I have been so bad lately about updating this blog that I'm finally getting around to downloading our pictures from the trip. Jeremy and I had decided back during the summer that we wanted to go to an away Razorback game sometime this year so we decided that since Katie had never been to the beach that we'd go to the Florida game.

We left Tuesday night about 6:30 p.m. and drove all night to Destin, Florida where we spent two days on the beach. The drive was not bad at all. I started out driving and drove until about 3:30 in the morning which is the time I get up on a normal workday while Jeremy slept. We had made it all the way to Birmingham, Alabama by that time. Just a note of caution.....never, ever, ever stop in Birmingam in the middle of the night for gas or to go to the bathroom. We had to stop for gas though and we stopped in the middle of the ghetto. I was praying the whole time that we woulnd't be shot and decided then that we weren't stopping in Birmingham on our way home no matter what time of day it was. I didn't end up going to the bathroom in the middle of the hood. I made Jeremy pull over on the interstate after we were out of Birmingham. He ended up driving the rest of the way to Destin. We made it there by 8:30 in the morning and we were able to check into our hotel that morning.

Here are some pictures from our trip. Katie had a blast building sand castles with Jeremy. I don't know how many they built but I think she had more fun destroying them than actually building them.
The water was so nice, and the weather was perfect.

Katie buried in the sand.

View from our hotel.
We had an awesome time at the beach just relaxing and laying in the sun. It was a much needed short vacation. We ate some great seafood while we were there too.
On Friday, we headed to Orlando to see one of our best friends from high school. Him and his wife are both doctors in Orlando, and we had so much catching up with them. Saturday, we headed to Gainesville for the football game. It was so much fun. We got harrassed on the way to the stadium. Katie didn't appreciate all the gator chomping that was directed towards us. She couldn't figure out why everyone was being so mean to us. Even though we lost the football game we still had a blast.

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